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  • Metering Solutions for Smart Cities & Smart Buildings
  • Critical Control Solutions for Industrial Combustion

Taiyou breaks traditional barriers and long-held beliefs of building automation with our innovative thinking and implementation excellence. By designing and implementing systems that deliver more accurate and useful information for improving operations and by providing the best experiences for tenants, we add new meaning to the terms ‘innovate’, ‘integrate’ and ‘empower’ that are synonymous with building intelligence solutions.

We do this with a combination of hardware and software and we seamlessly integrate systems to achieve perfect harmony. Once such a system is live, it delivers greater savings and benefits and adds value to the vision of building a greener world. Our dashboards and software with intuitive user interfaces help you monitor changes and events in real time, thereby furthering control and minimizing any deviations.

Solutions delivered include

  • Building Automation System (BMS) solution and products
  • HVAC control products
  • Energy Management System and products
  • Fire Suppression & Alarm System and products
  • Video Surveillance System and products
  • Access Control System and products
  • Public Address System and products
  • Integration opportunities with third party systems
  • Rodent repulsion and Water leakage management systems
  • Enterprise Building Energy Management System

While efficiency and sustainability are the cornerstones to urban growth and smart cities, what matters most is accurate monitoring and measurement to ensure that vision of urban intelligence comes live. We believe in the philosophy, what cannot be measured cannot be monitored. With the IOT dominating headlines, we give a new definition to the use of technology, to power economic growth and seamless transitions With excellent interoperability, visibility and control, we ensure that our metering solutions give precise values and drive the scales of efficiency positively. With accurate collection, reliable transfer and definitive interpretation of the metered data, all systems can be designed to operate at their optimum.


The Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology of automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from water meter or energy metering devices and transferring data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing saving utility providers the expense of periodic trips to each actual location to read a meter


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) are systems that measure, collect, and analyze energy usage, and communicate with metering devices either on request or on a schedule. These systems include hardware, software, communications, consumer energy displays and controllers, customer associated systems, Meter Data Management (MDM) software, and supplier business systems. AMI extends current advanced meter reading (AMR) technology by providing two way meter communications, allowing commands to be sent toward for multiple purposes, including “time-of-use” pricing information, demand-response actions, or remote service disconnects.

Walk By / Drive By (AMR) - Innovative Walk By / Drive By automated data reading and collection system, enabling cost-effective and efficient smart water meter reading.

Walk By - Automated Walk By reading systems. Ideal for places inaccessible to vehicles, with all the benefits of the Drive By solution mentioned below.

Drive By - Efficient large area water meter coverage

The remote reading device, installed in the vehicle, automatically collects all readings from nearby water meters equipped with advanced wireless transmitting technology. The system can read more than two thousand water meters per hour, using a single reader in a suburban area, and even more from high-rise buildings.

Elster meters are read efficiently and reliably even from underground pits. For improving operational efficiency, a 10-month reading history is provided by the meters, enabling the establishment of different water tariff systems.

The navigation software enables the designing of the most efficient reading routes, thus saving fuel and labour and lowering carbon footprints.

Key benefits:

  • Up to 2,000 meter readings per hour
  • Upgradable to fixed network with no meters changes required
  • No meter activation needed
  • Meters can store up to 4,000 previous calls
  • Real-time alerts
  • No access to property required
  • Precise billing data
  • Precise Billing Tari changing, without additional meter readings needed

Fixed (AMR)

Fixed Network improves utilities’ operational efficiencies, resulting in better customers’ service, enhanced revenues and excellent management abilities.

Taiyou offers tailor made, fully implemented, comprehensive remote meter-reading solutions for fixed base systems, allowing utilities and water corporations to automatically control remote water meters in real time.

Taiyou’s solutions combine extensive experience and advanced wireless abilities with powerful Meter Data Management software tools.

The advanced system requires no physical access or visual inspection of meters and provides alerts in real time on problems such as water loss or pipe breakage.

Key benefits:

  • Proven success in reducing non revenue water significantly
  • Already installed in hundreds of utilities
  • Real-time information availability
  • Highly accurate and reliable data collection
  • Many kinds of real-time alerts
  • Integrates with most billing systems
  • Wide variety of features for reports and statistical analysis
  • Reliable DMA (Districted Metered Area)

In a world where the concept of carbon footprint is gaining importance day by day, our critical control solutions for industrial combustion ensure that you achieve top-notch efficiency, reliability and safety.

Our strong expertise and legacy of serving different needs and customers mean that we can come up with a precise plan that delivers flexibility and compatibility at every step. This in turn will translate into tangible savings, lower maintenance needs and enhanced operational reliability and safety, with minimal downtime.

We also offer upgrades, retrofitting, training and inspection services complementing our engineering expertise in this area.

Solutions delivered include

  • Gas & Oil Burners for Low Temperature & High Temperature Applications.
  • Combustion control ( Flame Safeguard) Components & systems
  • Standalone Burner Management Systems
  • Integrated Gas Trains for different fuels ( LPG,NG,etc)
  • Components & Systems for Safeguarding,Measuring & Controlling Gases
  • Critical Flame Monitoring Systems for single or Multi Burner, multi fuel and difficult flame detection Applications
  • High Sensitive Flame Sensors for Gas Turbine Flame Monitoring
  • High Energy Ignition Systems for Boilers
  • Fixed and Portable Gas Leakage Detectors.
  • Retrofit products & Services for Old Burners and Flame Safeguard Systems.

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